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Body Lift Surgery in Miami by Top Plastic Surgeons

A body lift surgical procedure is undergone to achieve a better contouring and toning of the overall body by extracting fat and tissue muscle from various body parts altogether in one surgery.

A body lift procedure covers the following upper and lower body parts-

  • Arm lift
  • Breast procedures
  • Thigh lift
  • Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy tuck’
  • Butt lift

How Are These Procedures Undergone?

A body lift surgery is not envisioned for removal of undesired fat. It is recommended in cases where skin elasticity is feeble.

ARM LIFT: a brachioplasty or arm lift procedure involves the extraction of fat from above the elbow to the armpit area and tightening of the muscle underneath. This is done by making an incision at the axilla or the armpit region and using a liposuction procedure, fat is further extracted.

BREAST PROCEDURES: a breast procedure may include breast augmentation, breast revision or breast reduction. The enhancement of the breasts is done using silicone implants, saline implants or your own body fat. Breast reduction is done by extracting the excess fat and removing the extra tissue from the breast area. Breast revision is a reconstructive revision surgery done to correct the previous cosmetic breast procedure.

THIGH LIFT: thighplasty or thigh lift surgery id done to contour the outer and inner thigh regions in order to address fat deposits and loose sagging skin, further reshaping and smoothening the thighs. This is done by making an incision around the groin crease, extracting the excess fat and tissue and tightening the skin.

ABDOMINOPLASTY OR ‘TUMMY TUCK’: a tummy tuck procedure involves making an incision into the abdominal wall exposing the muscle and fascia and extracting the excess fat whilst tightening the skin. The extraction of fat is done using the liposuction technique and the incision is closed using sutures.

BUTT LIFT: a butt lift surgery is done by extracting fat from the various other body parts and inserting that fat into the buttocks. The fat can be extracted from the arms, thighs, abdomen etc. the whole process involves extraction of fat, processing of that fat using decantation and centrifugation technique and reinjection of the selected fat droplets. Making an incision is not required and the extraction and reinjection process can be done using cannulas or sterilized hollow, thin surgical needles. The extraction is done using liposuction.

What Are The Pre And Post Operative Requirement Instructions?

The potential risks and complications of surgery are rare but the most common ones include reactions to anesthesia, blood accumulation that may need to be drained surgically and infection.

Before surgery, make sure you get an overall medical health check up that clears you for surgery. The patient BMI or body mass index must be less than 77 pounds. If a person has undergone a weight loss transformation using natural methods, he/she must have a stable weight for at least two months prior to surgery. Avoid smoking or the intake of multivitamins, aspirin, and herbals for at least a month before the surgical procedure is to be performed. Do not consume any solid food or liquid 12 hours before surgery.
After surgery, plan to take a minimum of three weeks off from work as you will be required to take a lot of bed rest and also to avoid any kind of excursion. Do not drive or sit directly on your buttocks do at least two weeks to avoid any complication. You will be provided a compression garment inserted with padding for quicker healing and you will be required to wear that compression garment for a couple of days after surgery, at all times. Visit for your follow- ops regularly.

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