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Breast lift surgery or a Mastopexy is a procedure undergone to achieve upliftment of breasts. The procedure tightens the surrounding skin and muscular tissue, giving the breasts a better shape. After surgery, the breasts tend to look more prominent, firm and youthful.
Sagging breasts as a result of childbirth, age, genetics, weight loss etc can be fixed by undergoing a breast lift,

Making the breasts more firm. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation procedure to make the breasts look fuller and prominent along with the simultaneous elimination of sagginess.


Lifting the breasts depends upon the degree to which the female’s breasts have lost their stiffness.

Along with attaining an increase in self- confidence, a breast lift surgery can be helpful to address many other issues as well.

  • If you have recently undergone weight loss, your skin is bound to sag and your breasts will decrease in size too. People who want to get rid of this excess skin and whose breasts appear deflated post weight loss can undergo this surgery to regain their old body and confidence.
  • Most of the time post pregnancy; breast feeding can cause the breasts to lose their firmness and appear to sag. A breast lift surgery will help you regain your breast volume as well as get rid of the sagginess.
  • Ageing can cause the breasts to lose their youthfulness and might appear to sag or decrease in size. This surgery can help you revive the breasts you had in your teenage years.
  • To simply improve the way you feel about your body, and if you are dissatisfied with the way your breasts look or the size of your breasts, you can gain pertaining breasts after undergoing a breast lift.
  • This surgery also treats downward pointing nipples.
  • Stretch marks due to weight loss or weight gain can be surgically eliminated using the breast lift procedure.
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Overly enlarged areolas


In regard to this, the patients can choose a free consultation with our doctors and decide upon all factors beforehand.

A breast lift can usually be performed in about 3 hours and the patient does not require to stay overnight after the procedure. Once you’ve decided to undergo a breast lift, begin by consulting our doctor. A breast lift or Mastopexy can be performed in one of three ways, depending on the surgeon.

1. CRESCENT MASTOPEXY– when the patient wants to go for just a little upliftment of the nipples, a crescent mastopexy is performed. An incision is made right above the areola and a small part of the skin and tissue is removed. This surgery is often performed to repair mild asymmetry.

2. BENELLI MASTOPEXY– this involves removing a donut shaped piece of skin from around the areola and reattaching the skin. The scar is circular and the procedure is also known as a Donut mastopexy.

3. VERTICAL MASTOPEXY– also known as the lollipop method, this surgery is an approach to repair severe drooping of the breasts. A circular incision is made around the areola to remove the excess skin and tissue from the lower part of the breast gland.

A Benelli or the lollipop method causes less scarring as compared to a crescent mastopexy. The technique and skill of a surgeon also determines the amount of scarring.
The anesthesia used can be general, IV sedation or local. We use local anesthesia which causes quicker recovery for the patient, reduces the risk of a pulmonary embolism or a fat embolism and eliminates post surgery nausea.


Generally patients are advised to take a week-off from work and two weeks post surgery can be taken off for proper rest as there may be some swelling or soreness in the treated area.

1. Begin with getting a consultation.
2. Quit smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery. Nicotine can impair and slow down the healing process.
3. Discontinue the intake of Ibuprofen, diet pills, herbal medications, flax seed oil and vitamin E. Basically; discontinue the intake of all those medications that can increase your chances of bleeding during surgery.
4. An H&P physical and a blood test are required, clearing you for surgery.
5. Do not eat/ drink anything twelve hours before surgery.
6. Make sure you have a responsible adult to stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery. He should be able to drive you to and from your surgery.


Post surgery, you’ll be provided with a compression garment that has to be worn at all times. The compression garment will be supported by an interior padding that will help in faster recovery and minimalise swelling. Post operative instructions are to be followed carefully and completely in order to avoid further complications that can arise from the negatory.
1. After 2 days post surgery, show for a post- operative appointment with the doctor to drain the excess fluid. These fluids are nothing but your own diluted blood. This fluid has to be drained from where the incisions were made.
2. Take a minimum of 7 days off from work after surgery.
3. Limit your movement.
4. Take as much rest as possible
5. Drink plenty of fluids
6. Bruising and swelling will occur for a couple of weeks.
7. Visit the clinic for your follow- ops on week 1, month 1, month 4 and year 1.


Risks are associated with every surgery. To avoid any risks and development of potential complications, follow you post- operative instructions clearly and carefully.
Complications arising post a breast lift are rare. Even so, some of the potential complications that can arise are-
1. Asymmetry
2. Fluid accumulation
3. Scarring
4. Infection
5. Poor incision healing

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