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Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. It further makes the breasts smaller, lifting them.

It is considered a reconstructive surgery; relieving the patient of the pain and discomfort associated with large breasts and is often covered by medical insurance

A breast reduction surgery for men is commonly known as ‘Gynecomastia’


A breast reduction surgery is a safe way to surgically reduce your breasts. Women with large breast size have often experienced greater incidences of sagging breasts.

A breast reduction surgery is often undergone by patients having large breasts, causing them some kind of pain and discomfort. These are some of the symptoms to look for if you are planning to undergo a breast reduction surgery-
1. Back pain
2. Neck pain
3. Shoulder pain
4. Breast pain
5. You can also undergo a breast reduction surgery if you simply have big breasts and feel uncomfortable in your own skin and are dealing with self- image issues


The potential risks and complications of surgery are rare but the most common ones include reactions to anesthesia, blood accumulation that may need to be drained surgically and infection.

After the patient has been sedated using anesthesia to ensure a painless surgical procedure, an incision is made just above the areola and the excess skin and breast tissue are removed. The nipple is repositioned to match the smaller breast. The nipple is intact with the nerve to avoid nipple sensitivity. The incision is then closed up using sutures vertically to minimalise scarring.
A breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty can be performed using 4 methods.

1. THE LOLIPOP METHOD- using the lollipop method, an incision is made around the areola coming down to the center of the breasts. When the incision is made, the fat tissue is removed and the skin is tightened. This method is usually ideal for women having extremely large sagging breasts.

2. THE ANCHOR METHOD- this procedure is performed in almost the same way a lollipop procedure is performed, but continues along the lower side of the breasts. This method allows the surgeon to work with the most breast area, giving the best results. This method is usually ideal for women having a long distance between the crease of the breast to the nipples.

3. THE CRESCENT METHOD- this method is ideal for women having downward facing nipples. In this method, an incision is made just above the areole area in the shape of a crescent moon. The surgeon further removes the excess skin and sutures back the incision.

4. THE CIRCUMAREOLAR METHOS- this method is ideal for women wanting to undergo a mild breast reduction and not an invasive reduction. An incision is made around the circumference of the areola and the excess skin is removed by the surgeon from around the nipples.
A breast reduction procedure can be combined with other procedures such as a breast lift or a breast implant.


The pre- operative requirements before undergoing a breast reduction are-
1. An H&P (history and physical) medical health clearance and a CBC blood test are necessary providing they clear you for surgery.
2. Stop smoking 2 weeks prior surgery
3. Stop taking aspirin or pills that would cause a blood loss after surgery 2 weeks prior
4. No eating or drinking at least 12 hours before surgery


1. Take at least a 2 week off from work
2. Do not strain or stress
3. The patient is required to wear a compression garment with padding underneath in order to keep the swelling under control and for a quicker recovery.
4. Two weeks after surgery, the patient must visit for a follow- op when the sutures will be removed
5. The patients are advised to abstain from any sexual activity for at least 2 weeks post- surgery. Sexual arousal can cause a congestion of the blood vessels around the incisions.
6. Visit for a follow up after 4-6 weeks after surgery


1. Mild scarring and bruising, which is going to be temporary
2. Infection
3. Fluid accumulation

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